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 Thank you for visiting the Oracle Artist Studio Tour online.

Find imagination, creativity, originality, style, quality, passion and heart.

Instead of following our purple location signs through the

beautiful town of Oracle and meeting us in person, please explore

our online site during this time of social distancing.

Through the photographs found below,

we hope you discover the creative diversity of our artists.

Go to the ARTIST PAGE 1 and ARTIST PAGE 2 galleries

which feature images of artist’s work along with artists’

names and artwork descriptions.

Specific contact information can be found on


Follow the links, as some of the artists have websites

or links to their artwork on social media.

If you are interested in purchasing or possibly arranging

a private studio tour,

feel free to contact the artists directly.

We appreciate your understanding and support.


We look forward to sharing our art and greeting you in Oracle, in the future.


For more information about Oracle

visit the website:   

-Why we produce the Oracle Artist Studio Tour-

Our goal is to unite Oracle visual artists in a cohesive, volunteer organization that strengthens our shared commitments of attracting visitors to the annual studio tour, and raising regional awareness that Historical Oracle is a destination for quality original artwork.

Margy Smith-Desert moon rise
Kimberly Mosher & Judth Zehner
Theresa Poalucci - Patio jewels
Jenine Mayer - painting
Pat Hardin - water color
Colin Budd   - Dish
Triangle L Ranch gift gallery
Andrew Rush - Fisher island
Huntting Jessup -presentation box
A. Subset / Scott LeGear
Laura Stiltner - humming bird
Sharon Holnback
Christopher Lucic - sunset monsoon
Judy Walsh
Joy Fox Mcgrew - Guardian
Jill Caid - Desert water color
Barbara Kemp Cowlin
James Cowlin In An Oracle Woods.jpg
sue armbrust clay art
Diana Creighton -Mickey on the Mantel
Laurel Roth art work
Linda Tabler - Bath time
Ned Creigton - Spider sculpture
Steve Romaniello - Art work
Valeska Cromer - art furniture
Michael Carroll  art
Vonnie West Desert Fox
Glennda Neff - clay art
Brandon Luthy - cigar box guitars
Jodi Lindgren - jewelry
Angie Hopkins - jewelry
Rammed Earth Homes
Mosher & Zehner - Fabric art
Mark Garris - Art